Wrestling Overview

By Riley Phillips

Since the start of the wrestling season there have been two tournaments and one duel. This Saturday the boys will take on the Tonganoxie Chieftains in a duel. “Seeing that this weekend’s tournament is a duel we will compete as a team rather than in individual brackets. We will have a few starters out of the line up, which will certainly make things tougher for us, but I am excited to see us compete as a team. It will truly take a team effort in order to find success at this competition,” said Coach Nick Flynn.

Mini Cheer

By Riley Phillips

For as long as anyone can remember, Mini Cheer has been hosted by the cheerleaders in both the fall and winter sports season. Young girls at the elementary level will learn cheers, dances, and what it takes to be a cheerleader.”Mini Cheer is going really well this year. I really enjoy knowing that we are affecting these young girl’s lives positively and that they are also habing fun as well,” said Junior cheerleader Abigail Butzbach.

This winter Mini Cheer will be held tonight during the girl’s basketball game against Spring Hill. “I am very excited to see the girls perform because they have worked really hard and I know they are going to do amazing,” said Butzbach. The LHS cheerleaders will be on the court with the younger girls, leading them the whole way. “Seeing that we changed up the way we teach the cheers and dances, the girls seemed to pick up everything really well, so I wouldn’t be surprised if tonight goes very smooth,” said Junior Feliciana Otano. The cheerleaders have shown that they know how to lead and are able to influence young girls to follow their dreams.

Lady Lions Prepare to Take on Spring Hill

By Riley Phillips

To kick off the girl’s basketball season the Lady Lions took on the Seman Vikings. The girls came out victorious with a score of 56-54. “I feel like the game went good. There are always things we can improve on, but going into the game we were well prepared for what was going to happen,” said Junior Stephanie Kirk. The Lady Lions have been hard a work to improve on their skills and prepare for their next game, which so happens to be tonight at 5 p.m. against Spring Hill. “Tonight’s game is going to be a harder game to win. They are 2-0 at the moment , but if we do what we have been practicing, there will be no doubt that we won’t win tonight,” said Kirk.

The Lady Lions have a strong returning squad. They know each other very well by now and are able to runs plays with ease. Just as Kirk said, if they do what they have been practicing, they are going to be hard to beat. So, come out and support your Lady Lions as they take on Spring Hill.  The theme of the game tonight is White Out and there will be Mini Cheer as well.

Basketball Preview

By Riley Phillips

Winter sports are now fully in session and as of the Red and White Scrimmage boys and girls basketball is looking pretty good. Both teams have been working hard during practice and are prepared to suit up for their first games on Tuesday December 4. Both teams will play against the Seman Vikings at home. The theme of the games will be an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and by partnering with Fashion Club there will be a fashion show at half time of the girls’s game. The Lionettes will also be performing their Christmas Kick-line at half time of the boy’s game to get everyone in the Christmas Spirit.

Coach Simmons returned to coach the girls again and hopefully progress further into sub-state this year, maybe even working their way to state. Yet, the boys have received a new coach, Coach Jones, and he has been working hard to rally the troops and bring the team together as one. It is going to take big push to bring the boys together as a team, but with the right mindset they should be able to have a big turn around from last year and produce a winning season.

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