Holiday Card Tradition Alive and Well


Allison Muzzy, Reporter, Editor

Growing up, my mother used to make holiday cards and send them out to our extended family and her friends. When I was old enough to make decent looking cards, I grabbed the stamps, paper, and glue and crafted away. 

Every year since, I handmake my friends holiday cards. Within the cards, I thank them for being my friend and recap the year we had together. Its been a longstanding tradition of mine and I thoroughly enjoy making the cards and handing them out. The tradition of sending out holiday cards is something that I share with millions across the globe. 

The first notably recorded sending of a holiday card was in 1843 by Henry Cole, an Englishman. Up until that time, people sent out holiday letters detailing the recap of their year. Henry Cole spruced the letter up and added graphics and fancy typography and, thus, the first holiday card was born.

However, the modern commercial card industry started in 1915 with the publication of what was soon-to-be Hallmark’s first holiday card.

Since then, people and grandmas, alike, have been sending awkward pictures of their family and what happened to them that year. 

A poll conducted, based in Lansing, found that 72% of the pollees still send holiday cards out. This shows that the industry is well alive and booming even in more rural areas like Lansing. 

In fact, the mailed card and stationary industry is a $4.2 billion industry, with boxed/ greetings cards making up as three quarters of the amount. 

“Christmas cards are important to my family because we can’t always get together for the holidays, especially with the pandemic. Sending Christmas cards gives us an opportunity to share pictures with everyone and keeps us connected,” shares Senior Hanaa Everett.