Survey: Are Students Ready for Finals?


Jenna Klimas

Here at Lansing High School, the semester is coming to an end and tensions are high! With finals starting on Dec 20, students are prepping and studying for the most important test of the semester. How many will be ready?

I conducted a survey to see how many students will be ready for their finals and asked for their view on how prepared they are. The results are somewhat mixed and may shock you. 

Only 60% of students attending Lansing High school answered that they are ready for the upcoming finals. 

Sophomore Kira Honey states she is ready for her finals because “after the tests [we] get winter break, and I know what’s going to happen when I finish them.” 

Nonetheless, she feels a majority of the other students will not be prepared. Her advice: Study, but don’t overdo it.

A junior’s view opposes his classmate’s, feeling he isn’t ready for finals. He reports that he “doesn’t know what materials to study,” and feels “nervous from the stress on [him] by the school.” 

Finals take place at the end of the year and, for many students, can be the line between passing and failing their classes. 

Hopefully, in the weeks leading to the finals, students will feel more prepared and do well on their tests.