Pokémon Starters Ranked


Allison Muzzy, Reporter, Editor

I have been playing Pokémon ever since I was 5 years old. My first game (that I owned) was Pearl and I would spend HOURS on my little DS trying to catch ‘em all. 

I have played the original games, although not in while since my mother got rid of our GameBoys! ‘Twas a sad say when I found that out. I have also played the newer generations as well. 

I would say I’m hopeful and excited for the Sinnoh remake, but that would be a lie. That’s not to say I don’t plan on getting Shining Pearl, because I do, but mark my words- I am not happy about it. 🙁

With the remake coming out, it got me thinking about Pokémon again, so I decided to rank all the starters. Now, take what I say with a grain of salt. I am an extremely biased person. 

Historically, I tend to choose grass starters. There’s just something about them, although they can never truly measure up to good ‘ol 001. The only games in which I have not chosen the grass starters are Generation IV and Generation V. 

Anyway on to the list (also this is solely based on the first evolution of the starter):

  1. Bulbasaur-(no explanation needed)
  2. Eevee- one of my overall favorite Pokémon, even as a normal type Eevee’s got it all
  3. Cyndaquil- best fire starter, strongest and best design and flash fire?? An amazing ability. 
  4. Rowlett- one of the best grass starters, and it’s the only first-evolution starter to be a dual type
  5. Torchic- Torchic is one of the stronger starters and one of the few that look good
  6. Squirtle- part of the original starters, so it holds a nostalgic factor. Plus overall, Squirtle is a pretty good Pokémon
  7. Charmander- same with Charmander, but both Pokémon are solid choices
  8. Turtwig- Turtwig was my first starter I had for Sinnoh. Shell armor is a pretty good ability too. 
  9. Piplup- Piplup is a solid starter, and holds a nostalgia factor, however, in the anime he was so annoying he’s bumped down.
  10. Grookey- Grookey is okay, one of the better grass starters, but the name is kind of dumb. Grassy surge is a good ability, so Grookey’s at the top of the okay starter list.
  11. Froakie- another dumb name, plus frog Pokémon aren’t really my thing.
  12. Scorbunny- bunny Pokémon are really hit or miss, and Scorbunny is a miss. His abilities are okay, but his design is questionable.
  13. Oshawott- It’s the shell. 
  14. Pikachu- a classic, but not really a good starter, I mean Ash picked him what more can I say.
  15. Chimchar- again, monkey Pokémon are not my thing, and Chimchar is too close to Pansear, I get confused, ya know?
  16. Tepig- this was my starter in Unova actually. Let’s just say 6 year old me did not know what she was doing.
  17. Chespin- Chespin is cute, but not very interesting, plus one of the more forgettable grass starters. Bulletproof is an okay ability though.
  18. Fennekin- I like that Fennekin is based off a fennec fox, but overall Fennekin is a pretty average starter. Magician is a cool ability though.
  19. Treecko- Treecko is an average starter, that’s all. Plus unburden isn’t the best ability. 
  20. Totodile- Totodile is a good water starter, but it looks stupid- I’m sorry. Plus in comparison to Cyndaquil from the same region, Cyndaquil makes Totodile and Chikorita look like trash,  but Chikorita doesn’t really need help in that, huh.
  21. Popplio- okay, but the name reminds of polio which reminds of sick children and FDR, both of which bring me sadness. Also liquid voice is a dumb ability. 
  22. Sobble- Sobble looks very punchable ya know, I don’t like that. Plus, sniper? Sobble doesn’t look like it could shoot anyone. 
  23. Snivy- Snivy looks like it would talk trash about me behind my back, plus one of the weaker grass starters.
  24. Litten- fire and cats don’t really go together in my mind. Plus Litten is a dumb name.
  25. Chikorita- Chikorita is a disgrace to Pokémon.
  26. Mudkip- Mudkip is a solid Pokémon, right, but it’s Mudkip and I will die on this hill!!