Top 25 Fruits Ranked


Jenna Klimas

Do you often find yourselves looking for a juicy and easy snack? Of course you do! You should try fruits, in fact, you should try the best fruits. 

Here are my top 25 favorite, and least favorite, fruits ranked. 


  1. In the very last place goes the Durian. Its terrible taste is only matched by its extreme odor. Its smell is so putrid, the fruit is banned from some public places.


  1. An odd looking fruit with an odd smell, the pomegranate goes at number 23. Its taste is sour and bitter and, honestly, just weird.


  1. Most people don’t even know what figs are, but I’ll tell you what they are: gross! They’re a good source of potassium and calcium, but are they really worth their disgusting taste? 


  1. Avocados. Yes, it can make avocado toast, but that tastes just as bad. It can also make guacamole, so it’s further up the list.


  1. Berries are generally good, however, blackberries are not. They’re dense and sour and are only good when they’re perfectly ripe.


  1. It used to be a delicious plum but was dried into a wrinkled fruit, it’s the prune! They have a concentrated sweetness that brings about bloating and gas. 


  1. Now, we’re getting to the average stuff. The mandarin orange. They’re tangy and juicy but just a knockoff of oranges. 


  1. Kiwis are good and kind of pretty, but they’re just so gosh darn squishy!


  1. Ooh mangos are truly delectable! But only when they’re ripe, which is hard to come by. Plus, they’re hard to cut!


  1. Limes are good to flavor things, but on their own, they are just terrible! Ever tried lime mixed with pie? It’s delicious!


  1. A melon orange fruit, the cantaloupe is sweet, orange, and overall delicious! It can help to lower your blood pressure after you’re stressed about all that bad fruit you ate!


  1. Lemons are terrible on its own but a fruit of variety— They’re the creator of delicious lemonade and lemon meringue pie, however, they are extremely bitter.


  1. Blueberries: small and bitter on their worst, sweet and tasty on their best. Should be eaten when ripe!


  1. Next on the list goes the cherry! They’re iconic and truly flavorful! Despite this, they aren’t higher because of their irksome pits!


  1. Grapes are a hit or miss. They’re juicy yet distasteful, perfect sized yet seedy! 


  1. Plainly average pineapples. There isn’t really anything special about them. Their spiky nature makes them unwelcoming yet their tropical sweet taste makes them homely.


  1. Now, we’re entering the good fruits. Oranges are popular, good for you, and best of all, beautiful! You can cut them up into enjoyable slices and can even be made into a juice!


  1. Personally, I think they’re gross, but the raspberry’s sweet taste and bold flavor makes them one of the most beloved fruits out there. However, they are small and seedy.


  1. Cucumbers are awesome! They can be sliced, diced, and, though they aren’t that flavorful, they are fun to eat and can be mixed with anything!


  1. Georgia’s mascot: the peach! They’re rich in flavor and are so fruity! Plus, they’re seen as the fruit of happiness, riches, honors, and longevity!


  1. The top five. To fifth place goes… the plum! Although they’re small in stature, they make for it with their fresh tarty sweet flavor and softness. On top of this, their color is pretty and they smell good, too!


  1. Fourth, the banana! They’re downright delicious, with a tropical taste. They are fun to peel and super good. It’s no wonder monkeys love them!


  1. Red and small, sweet and soft, the strawberry is a loved fruit by many and a fruit known by all. They’re perfect with chocolate and delectable with cream, but they’re even better on their own.


  1. In second… watermelons! A delicious family sized family treat. They can be cubed or cut in slices, and even can be a juice! These fruits are necessary for any outdoor day and are generally awesome!


  1. First place, a huge honor. This trophy of delicious fruitiness goes to the… apple! They’re oh-so juicy and can be sweet or sour. They taste good in anything, caramel, chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, you name it! This award-winning fruit tops all the others and even has a company named after it.