Review: Sleepyhead by Cavetown


Allison Muzzy, Editor, Reporter

It is time for my first album review of this series. 

Sleepyhead by Cavetown is one the albums I am currently obsessed with listening to. The album was released in March of 2020 and is one of Robin Skinner’s many albums. Robin Skinner is a UK based artist and writes, produces, and records his songs himself. Some of his most known songs are “Lemon Boy”, “This is Home”, and “Boys Will Be Bugs”. 

This album consists of 11 songs, all of which feature soothing, soft rock, and a bedroom pop sound. The album details the highs and lows of falling in love, while still trying to fall in love with yourself. 

The album sticks to Cavetown’s signature sound, while being a bit sadder than previous projects, as well as incorporating more instruments. 

Now before I rank the songs, I want to share how I typically judge music. I tend to like a song if it has lyrics that resonate with me, or that are overall meaningful, such as “this is me trying” by Taylor Swift (of course I had to mention Taylor Swift in this article). I like music that has nice instrumentation. I tend to prefer music that has a variety of instruments being used. Lastly, does the song make me feel something? Doesn’t have to be good, just something. 

Thus being said, here is a ranking of the songs on the album (I explained the top 3 and bottom 3):

  1. Pyjama Pants 
    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. This song feels like a warm hug after a cold, rainy day. It makes me so unexplainably happy. The instrumentation, the lyrics, and overall tone is soooo good. 
    • Favorite Lyrics: “Can we call today?/ I just need to see your face/ ‘Cause it melts me to a puddle/ Trip on air and sprain my ankle
  2. Feb. 14 
    • I like this song for the same reason I like the Pyjama Pants. This song fills me with sadness, but a good kind of sadness. Like seeing your little sibling grow up. 
    • Favorite Lyrics: “She said she’s here if I ever need someone to talk to/ But all I ever wanna talk about is you”
  3. Trying 
    • This would be higher, it’s just so sad that I can’t justify putting it higher. This song fills me up with a not-so-good kind of sadness. 
    • Favorite Lyrics: “How much it means to me that you’re trying/ And I don’t mind if you can’t hold me like you used to/ ‘Cause I’ve never hated myself more/ And this is just a bump in the road and I promise I’m trying
  4. Telescope
    • Favorite Lyrics: Through the winds, it’s dark, single-digit on the clock/ Saying, yessiree, I sure like-a you a lot
  5. Snail (feat. Chloe Moriondo)
    • Favorite Lyrics: There’s another snail if I’m with me in my shell/ It’s fair to say I don’t like it
  6. Sweet Tooth
    • Favorite Lyrics: Feel like a kid, I double tap/ My chest with my fist/I like you/ Say it back
  7. Things That Make It Warm
    • Another happier song. This song is a metaphor for love and he is a bird. As much as that’s cute, I cannot relate to being bird, therefore its #7. 
    • Favorite Lyrics: When you leave/ To go fly across the sea/ I’ll be waiting here
  8. Wishing Well
    • Favorite Lyrics: And who you savin’ when the dogs come for your life?/ And who you kiddin’ when you say I’m worth your time?/ I saw you crying ’cause of me, it made me lose my ******* mind
  9. Empty Bed
    • I just don’t like the rhythm of this song. Also the instrumentation is lacking in my opinion.
    • Favorite Lyrics: Tried to make some friends/ Almost killed myself instead/ Oh no
  10. I Miss My Mum
    • This song is a good song, but as for relatability, there’s a disconnect. This song seems very personal to the writer, so I just can’t connect to it.
    • Favorite Lyrics: It’s just called bein’ a person/ I never planned for this
  11. For You
    • This song is almost a reprise of Sweet Tooth, and for that reason its last.
    • Favorite Lyrics: Feel like a kid, I double tap/ My chest with my fist/I like you/ Say it back

Overall, this album is one of my favorites by Cavetown. It perfectly describes the trepidations of falling in love and growing up. It’s definitely worth a listen, and even if you don’t want to listen to the whole album, definitely listen to the top three on this list.