COVID-19 Update


Carleigh Bush

Coronavirus is very much still affecting society to this day. 

Luckly, we have a vaccine to help us control the virus. 

According to The Washington Post  article about Coronavirus right now the vaccine is cleared for kids as young as 12 and now they also have it cleared for ages 5-11 as of October 29.

Also from the Washington Post “This month, the Biden administration laid out a plan to distribute the vaccine to every eligible child as soon as it receives regulatory approval.” 

Many schools are still making masks mandatory to attend school for students safety and to prevent as many Covid-19 outbreaks as possible.

Even if you get the vaccine you can still get the virus so you should still take extra precautions just to be safe. 

Covid-19 is no joke and it should be taken very seriously. 

According to The Covid-19 Live Update In total there have been 430K known cases of Covid-19 and 6,238 have been deadly. 

Hopefully, in the future, we can prevent as many cases as possible and decrease the amount of people who are passing away from this virus.