Chiefs Get Pummeled Against Tennessee Titans


Jenna Klimas

The Kansas City Chiefs got absolutely pummeled in last Sunday’s game at Nashville, Tennessee.

Competing against the Titans, the Chiefs lost with a score of 3-27 against the Tennessee Titans. A demoralizing defeat, sports commentator Nick Wright writes on Twitter, “The Chiefs are bad at quite literally everything a football team tries to do at the moment.” 

The game was last Sunday, October 24. The Chiefs seemed to be off their game, star player, Patrick Mahomes, completed 20 of 35 passes and fumbled constantly. He left early in the fourth quarter due to a head injury.

Even though the Titans were undermanned, they managed to completely(possibly remove to avoid opinion) obliterate their opposing team, the Kansas City Chiefs. A.J. Brown, a Titans member, scored one touchdown of eight catches for 133 yards. The Tennessee team has won its third straight game in week 7. 

Why did this team lose so badly to the Titans? Even though they had plenty of opportunities to succeed, Tennessee continued to touchdown. The team kept receiving penalties or turnovers, it seemed, whenever they tried to get ahead.

Adam Tiecher says the Chiefs have a “leaky defense. Last Sunday’s game was the worst scored game of the Mahomes era. Fans can only hope it will be the last.”