Reevaluating the 5-Day School Week

Carleigh Bush

School can be very stressful for students especially having it 8 hours a day- 5 days a week. 

Sophie Mansel, a sophomore, gives her input on the subject: “I would definitely enjoy school more if it was shorter because I would be able to stay focused longer.” 

Having school for shorter hours may make it easier for students to focus and get work done. The article, “Students For Social Change”,  expresses that students would benefit from shorter school days because students need to have a social life outside of school to get them ready for the real world. 

Having a small break in school, for example, in between some classes or a longer lunch break could really help students to stay focused during the day. The article, “Research-Tested Benefits of Breaks”,  explains, “Breaks increase students’ productivity and provide them with opportunities to develop creativity and social skills.” 

“Having a short break during the day or having two days during the week that’s a late start could help me a lot.” 

The school already has one day that is a late start but maybe one more day to give the students a break would be beneficial. If school starts later students will have more time to sleep and be more energized for school instead of being really tired throughout the day. 

“If school started later I would be able to sleep longer and be able to focus more.”

Students are usually very tired throughout the day because they have to get up early to go to school but also stay up late doing homework. Students being tired throughout the day may cause them to score lower on tests and even miss information because they are dozing off in class. 

According to the article, “Study: 73% of Students Not Getting Enough Sleep” ,Researchers found 73% of high school students across 30 states are not getting enough sleep.” This is very damaging for the growing adolescence’s mind. Many sources say that teens need at least 10 hours of sleep a night, but oftentimes teens do not get that much sleep. 

“After every school day I am very exhausted.”

Having to come home from an 8 hour school day to do even more work and be very hard on students. Students need some sort of break when they get home but oftentimes students do not get that because they have homework and also studying to do when they get home.