Mental Health in Schools

Carleigh Bush

Mental health issues among students have become a rising problem over the past year. 

Over the past year there has been a lot of stress due to the pandemic, but mental health has always been a factor within students. 

Mrs. Davis, the school guidance counselor, expresses her opinions on how this school year has affected students. “Since this school year has started I have been slammed. It is heartbreaking. Kids are really struggling.”

It is very important that students at school know how to make school easier on themselves as well as others.  

“Working with someone you trust to help figure out the best way for you to organize time management and your tasks is one of the biggest suggestions I have.” 

Believing in yourself and having confidence that you can overcome whatever you are going through is extremely important in making things easier for yourself 

“A lack of self esteem causes a bunch of other problems and stress..give yourself grace. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect all the time.” 

Mental health is not always treated as importantly as it should be in life in general. 

“We as a society are not where we need to be. We still have some work to do. Understanding that mental health has an impact on absolutely everything is so important.” 

Some people don’t take mental health that seriously when in reality, it is a rising issue. Mental health has an effect on how people function in day to day life. 

“Students cannot do well in class unless their mental health needs are taken care of.” 

Mrs. Davis helps us understand the impact of mental health among students.  Schools all over the world can take this information and use it to better how mental health is treated in their school.