Football Coaches and Strategies

Carleigh Bush , Reporter

The Lansing Lions football team had a rough start to the season but came back with a 60-0 lead in their third game against the Turner Bears at home.  

One wonders what would make a successful football player; Coach Gourley gives his input, “That’s a tough one, obviously talent does matter, there needs to be some level of talent or skill. You can also do a lot of things with limited talent if you have good discipline.” 

The Lions have been doing well so far this season due in part to the coaches’ motivation and the players’ personal motivation, Coach Gourley explains, “You can be personally motivated as an individual or you can try to incentivize motivation. Also obviously yelling, but more than anything I hold them to a really high standard.” 

The Lions have lost some games, but they always come back motivated for the next one.

Oftentimes most people only see football from the sidelines, and do not get to see what happens at practice or when no one is watching. Even when not playing a game, connections and relationships are a key to success.

Coach Gourley’s life, now, incorporate a lot from when he was a kid and his experiences then. 

“My whole family growing up was teachers and coaches. I was always at games on Friday nights, watching the high school kids. I always looked up to those guys. I always thought, ‘Man, wouldn’t it be cool to be one of those guys?’ and then I was one of those guys. I went on to play college football. So eventually I decided to become a teacher and a coach.” 

Coach Gourley grew up around football all his life, which has made its way into his teenage life as well as his adult life.

“Football above all others is the greatest tool for teaching kids how to be successful in life.” 

Coaches could use this information to better themselves and their team. Coach Gourley gives us some good insight into being a football player as well as coaching.

The Lions next game will be against the Leavenworth Pioneers at home one Friday October 1st.