Lansing Theatre Program prepares for first in-person performance this year

Emma Miller

LANSING, Kan. –This weekend, May 6th and 7th, the Lansing High School Theatre Program will put on their first live production of the school year. 


Due to previous COVID-19 precautions and restrictions, all performances have been recorded, but no live audience was allowed to attend. But that all changes this weekend! 


The play, 12 Angry Villains takes you through a storyline where Peter Pan has allegedly murdered an innocent pirate named Captain Hook, and a jury of the 12 of the most famous villains must now decide his fate.


LHS sophomore Lexi Perry, who will play Goldilocks in the production, says she is very excited for a live audience.


In a recent interview she says, “I’ve missed having an audience so bad! Their energy throughout the show makes everything more incredible!”


This will be Lexi’s first performance since last year’s One Act plays, but she is very excited, and looking forward to the upcoming show.