Lansing Baseball defeats rival Leavenworth

Trishten Elder, Staff Writer

LANSING Kan , The Lansing High School Baseball team brings home a win

after a slow passing game. 


LLHS beat Leavenworth High School by 12 to 2 in seven innings. With every player working up a sweat , the game took its time. 


LLHS 11 grade primary catcher Dakota Schick stated “ At the beginning of the game it.        

was a little bit slow but as we got going , we started playing better so I felt 

pretty good”.


“I threw a kid out, that got me excited. A couple of guys hitting home runs and 

we just got really hyper and excited,”  he said 


From the huge gap between teams , clearing seeing some of our players find 

courage on watching other people play. A slow game can ruin a good time , 

even ruining patience.