March Madness

Taelyn Jones, Staff Member

The wait is finally over for college basketball fans, March Madness is back. For the first time ever the tournament was cancelled last year due to the pandemic. A devastating event for all die heart basketball fans. After a year’s worth of unsettling events, excitement is bursting and the fans are ready. 


Fans begin the tournament each year with the bracket making process. The year starts with the announcement of the teams who made it into the tournament. Watched by millions of March Madness fans and teams anticipating who will make the tournament this year. When the teams are finally announced the real bracket planning begins. With fans all over the world guessing the possible outcomes of the tournament. Yet this year, not one person could have anticipated the outcomes. 


The 2021 NCAA Tournament saw an absurd nine upsets by double-digit seeded teams. There was not a single perfect bracket left after Maryland beats UConn. Breaking the brackets for all the die hard fans. After these multiple upsets, fans started rooting for the lower seeded teams, or the underdogs. 


Tournament fan Ryan Frenchs’ bracket was toast after these upset. The major one being UCLA and Michigan; “I knew my bracket was done when UCLA beat Michigan, I had Michigan in the ship”. After this huge upset French decided to start rooting for UCLA, in hopes that they could do what everyone doubted them to do. 


While tournament fan Jason Jones has a look at statistics when looking at the outcomes; “I enjoy going for the underdogs since it’s unexpected, but in the end the number one seeds will most likely have a better outcome.” Being a basketball coach himself causes Jones to look at the tournament in the light of a coach’s eyes. Jones bracket fell in a similar way to Frenchs, with the team he had winning losing in the championship game. 


With a year off the tournament this year did not disappoint. A roller coaster of emotions high and low March Madness fans witnessed a year to remember. Leaving them wondering what could possibly top it next year. Until next March basketball lovers.