Hot Rising movie series “ WandaVision” takes staggering to a whole new level

Trishten Elder 




Friday January 15 , 


Directed by Matt Shakmen released the new series WandaVision filmed at Warner Bros studio. Partnered up with disney plus with a rating of 4.4 popular vote. After the Marvel movie End Game finished , the remaining avengers  got a spin off. 


Based on the marvel comics “Scarlet Witch”, also known as the lady in red. Born in eastern europe and grew up with the name Wanda maximoffs. Being separated from her parents with her twin brother forced her to hide her powers from the world.


Starring protagonist Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) the first episode Wanda has the settings in 1951 and recast of  Vision ( deceased). The setting is due to when the first comic of WandaVision came out. Wanda and vision appear on the screen styled like her own Television show. They are introduced as newlyweds, and just moved into the “neighborhood”. 


Each character is represented with the theme with each episode. Wanda is broadcasting her life in what is “ The Hex” , where she disconnected from the outside world. Each episode has a different time and setting , the settings can range from either 50’s to the 90’s. WandaVisison showcased each era to an outstanding point . Throughout each episode the audience is shown multipl

outbreaks and character awearness from Wanda , even side characters like Vision and Monica Rambeau.  


Millions of fans have expressed interest in the foreshadowing and ongoing cliffhangers in Season one. There are nine episodes , each one has a different storyline but the same plot. Fans are booming with the last episode being released, The most action and heart wrenching the season has ever had.