Opinions over COVID changes with parent teacher conferences

Lansing, Ks – Wednesday, March 10, 2021 is the day Lansing High School had parent teacher conferences. 


Since COVID 19 has occurred, the school protocols have been turned upside down and dealt with certain conditions virtually online. For instance, the parent teacher conferences.


Some of the staff at Lansing High School still have yet to manage the circumstances and master the ways of online. Because of the new changes over time, some teachers had opinions for the matter.


Interviewer Dana Saradih, Lansing High School Student- “Has Covid impacted positively or negatively when talking to parents?”


Mrs. Fitzgerald, Lansing High School Teacher – “Although there have been many changes to the schedule, communication with parents has probably improved since Covid simply due to the fact that there are more moving pieces to education than ever before.”


Mrs. Kelm, Lansing High School Teacher- “ I haven’t noticed an impact on parents due to the virus, but there was no extreme positivity or negativity being modeled.“


As being presented, there are different opinions from the teachers involved within the conferences, COVID has managed to bestow different imagery from individuals. 


Interviewer Dana Saradih, Lansing High School Student- “Has Covid made communication with parents/teachers seem out of touch? Explain yes or no.”


Rania Tayiem, Lansing High School Parent- “No, communication is still being reflected back and forth as usual, there is no reason for the virus to prevent one on one time.”


Mrs. Fitzgerald, Lansing High School Teacher- “ I think it has actually brought me closer to parents because of the stronger need for communication, this has not been a typical year and it is reassuring to parents to know that their child’s education is highly important to us.”


It seems that regardless of COVID occurring, teachers still remain in contact as usual and not many complaints are being spoken about which is a terrific representation for the school systems.


Interviewer Dana Saradih, Lansing High School Student- “Do you enjoy conferences virtually, or would you rather communicate in person?”


Mrs. Kelm, Lansing High School Teacher- “In a perfect world I would prefer face-to-face conferences, due to the virus, I admire to see which parents can still connect regardless of the new changes.”


Rania Tayiem, Lansing High School Parent- “I enjoy conferences virtually because they run more efficiently, instead of having to wait in line for a meaningful conversation. Online, us parents can reserve a time slot for our own conference and it’s very helpful.


Due to the result of the school protocol changes, it has acknowledged me that teachers do have their different intakes of online conferences, and even if some of them dislike it, they still manage to make the most of it.


Dana Saradih, Lansing High School Student- “I admire the way Lansing staff has dealt with the current changes because they still portray the correct work ethics without complaining and strictly doing their jobs as being told.”


COVID has made a major difference in our lives, but the best part is to acknowledge how teachers still manage to keep up their good work and connect with students’ parents in spite of the pandemic creating obstacles.