180 day countdown to UFO disclosure

180 day countdown to UFO disclosure

Korbyn Renner, Site Admin / Reporter

180 days until disclosure 

By Korbyn Renner, 


On a recently signed coronavirus support bill many will find an odd addition to what it could do, having a countdown order for the pentagon and other U.S. intelligence agencies to declassify and release any and all information the U.S. has on UFO and UAP appearances. 


Devlin Renner (DR), Narrator in the school’s version of the play, The War Of The Worlds, states “I think it’s cool but unrelated to one and another,” he continues “They would think that it would be cool if there was extraterrestrial life, but the subject of ufos and the pandemic are unrelated.”


This bill was signed on the last Sunday of December, with small bits of already declassified information on the subject already famous, this information could answer any questions the public may have and whether or not this phenomenon could affect public safety. DR claims that “they would pose an obvious threat to travel and they could ruin it,” he continues “but they could also make it better,” the possible equipment and technology on these could make air travel safer and better space travel possible. 


With DR’s ending statement, he says “I believe it would be cool, and expand the minds of millions. But it would also spite terror and fear of millions more!”