How to survive a major disaster

How to survive a major disaster

Korbyn Renner, Site Admin / Reporter

How to survive a major disaster

by, Korbyn Renner 


As we leave behind 2020, people realize that the threat of disaster is not yet gone. With wildfires, major ice storms, the ongoing pandemic, and the failure of our economy – it seems that it becomes more important to prepare for any situation. 


Depending on a given situation, it is always smart to have a supply of food and water that will last you for at least three weeks. Make sure your supply won’t go bad if your power runs out. 


In the case of a major fire, get on to the nearest street and wear a wet face mask, the water will absorb toxins such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and could protect you from long term breathing problems.


In the probability of nuclear war, it is important to know what a nuclear could do, and what specific ways it could be used. If it explodes in the upper atmosphere it will simply act as an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) disabling and frying any unprotected technology within its reach.


 However if it explodes on ground or near the lower atmosphere, you will want to stay inside a structurally safe building, the more walls the better. After it explodes and all the force is gone it is important to immediately shower and try to get the radiation off of you, do not use a conditioner since it could hold onto excess radiation which could harm you.


 Make sure your food and water supply is protected with a faraday cage, to protect your supply and electronics from excess radiation, if you don’t have one available a microwave will do. 


Mr. Simmons, director for the roar says “… I’m not prepared, but with recent events it would be a great idea to do so.” he continues “ be prepared, [you] don’t have to get prepared for the apocalypse if you are already prepared for it.”