Christmas Ideas

Bonnie Maguire, Staff Writer

Christmas Ideas During Covid

Christmas is such a jolly holiday but we all know that day going into Christmas can be frantic and crazy. Stores sold out, flights booked, storms blocking the road. The one thing we have is family, but now that covid is here and there’s no black Friday social distancing, no seeing family members it may be hard to find a special gift for the  grandkids or teens. So here is a list of the top 3 things to get for a teenager during covid.


  1. Money/gift cards- You can never go wrong with money. With covid buy gift cards or sending money can easily be done from your laptop or phone. Leaving you unexposed to covid.
  2. Room Decor- Just like buying gift cards. Ordering room decor online could be just as easy with the unlikely event of catching covid. Things you could get for room decor could be, LED lights, rugs, new bedding, desk appliances, or some wall art.
  3. Clothing- now although it may be difficult to find clothes for teens because of the type of clothing they like. So here are some ideas of clothing brands/styles  you can get for teens. Some brands you can get are Nike, Adidas,Vans, or Forever 2. Types of clothing would be jeans, cute tops/crop tops, or some nice shoes.


I know finding things for teenagers can be very frustrating. But they understand that you couldn’t go windows hopping with them, or come to visit, and they will be grateful for your dedication and they will know that it comes from the heart.