Life of a remote learner

Life of a remote learner

The daily reality of school has shifted this year for many students at LHS, as many are remote. But what does this mean? For those of us in-person, we can only imagine the daily ins and outs of remote learning. To bring insight into the life of a remote student, I reached out to Junior Andrea Santos to ask her about her daily routine being a remote learner.


“An average day for me starts off at about 6 or 7am. I get ready just by sitting down at my desk and probably putting something on on the TV for background noise. Lunch starts at 11:34  and I usually eat leftovers or something small. During the school day, I try to keep up and after school ends, I spend 3 to 6 hours doing homework. For free time on school days I practice some of the songs from choir or the words I’m learning for French. Weekend free time I practice one of those two or just relax.”


Santos says she misses being part of her choir during school, referencing the social challenges of remote learning.


“Spending 8 hours a day doing school work with little-to-no social interaction gets pretty lonely.” Despite this, Santos stills communicates with her friends.


“Even though I don’t get to see my friends, I still text them during the day when they aren’t busy.”


As for the overall experience with school, Santos, like many others is dissatisfied, although she had no choice in her decision.


“Being a remote student has been a pretty stressful experience for me. Sometimes the audio doesn’t work and it’s a little annoying. I didn’t get to choose whether or not I had to do remote. The reason being- that it was to keep my mom safe from getting sick from the virus.”


Overall, Santos would not want to be remote if given the option again, as the social, technological, and educational aspects of remote learning do not suit Santos.


Special thank you to Andrea Santos for answering my questions!