First time voters

First time voters

Korbyn Renner, Site Admin / Reporter

This election is going to be very intense, with the nation divided and a sudden pandemic only making things worse, it’s up to the voters of our country to decide how our future unfolds. So how will people react when this is their first time voting?


With election results pending people have theories of how their candidate could win, Carley Jacobson, an LHS senior says, “I expect that Biden will get Navada, and he will win, but according to Trump, there might be complications.” and Vicente Willson, a fellow senior agrees, saying, “Biden will most likely win Nevada, but Trump will protest for recounts.”


There is also trouble between generations in this election,  “The pressure of being told to vote for someone I wasn’t totally comfortable with made it harder to vote” – Jacobson. 


With the pandemic raging through this election, there has been many changes to how to vote in person,  Willson said, “It was oddly quiet, and strangely reminiscent of a hospital.”, and Jacobson said, “I voted in person, it was a stagnant environment.”