Music Playlist

Music Playlist

Bonnie Maguire, Reporter

Music comes in all different genres and lengths, lots of people use it for different types of things. During work, school, sleep, showers, work outs. This is a playlist you could play while you fall asleep. I’m gonna list the top 3 out of this playlist I think are the best and why.

  1. The Night We Met- Lord Huron 
    1. This song isn’t particularly a head bop but more of a head sway. It’s a slow song that can mediate you into a sleep. This song can give you night driving vibes. Listening to this song while falling asleep can give you such a sweet and smooth transition into a deep sleep.
  2. To Be So Lonely- Harry Styles
    1. Most songs by harry styles nowadays are very simple and sweet. Falling asleep to a song like this is quite nice. Listening to his voice is very satisfying while falling asleep.
  3. Lemonade- Internet Money & Gunna
    1. This song is a slow soothing song but it still has a very good beat, and it’s a real got head bop. It’s a song that can slowly put you into a deep sleep. It’s also a very popular song that most people would know.

 Now these songs are highly recommended by me. They are all very soothing, including all the other songs on the playlist. These one were just the top 3 in my opinion.

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