Welcome to #InkTober2020

Korbyn Renner, Site Admin / Reporter

Welcome to #InkTober2020! 


Every year many artists come together online to make pieces of art by using prompts. 


These prompts can vary from fish to shoes. They categorize the theme of each piece of artwork, while only using one word. 


Mary Lilard, an art student says, “InkTober is a good way to practice your art. The goal is to make an art piece with only a pen or a sharpie”


“You could find it at any social media website, for example twitch and instagram, you could find it at #InkTober2020.” – Kamryn Tuttle


“There are many different prompts you can find on the internet, or you can make your own. Most artists on instagram participate in InkTober so that’s a good place to find it.” – Lilard


This online event allows artists to show off and compare art styles, while still being creative in their own way. Whether that be realistic, beautiful, gore-y, epic, creepy, et cetera. This is a great chance for beginning and practiced artists alike to show off their art skills.