The First Roar Broadcast This Year!

Korbyn Renner, Site Admin / Reporter

The First Roar Broadcast This Year!


Three weeks into a late-beginning 2020-2021 school year, The Roar will post it’s first broadcast on October 8th. The whole school is excited to see what The Roar has to offer.


Mr. Simmons, Director and adviser for the roar states, “This year The Roar will spotlight different things happening around Lansing High School while also showcasing other things students care about outside of school” he continues, “We hope this is an exciting year for The Roar.  We improved immensely last year and hopefully we can get things going in that direction.” 

“We’ll do mostly the same thing as we do at all of our years at The Roar, we’ll cover events at our school, sports and clubs,” said Philip Sheehan, a reporter for The Roar.


“Yeah, we got new team members, so we got plenty of ideas to bring to the table.” said Dakota Schick, a reporter for The Roar, “There will be funny videos and informational stories.” Joey Barber, a LHS senior, said “We are a means of Media, we spread information such as school events, sports, and informational videos.” Sheehan said, “I’d say every year at The Roar is an exciting year”


Maneline and The Roar will be working together to bring important information and juicy stories for you, “We hope to have stories on The Roar that are tied in with stories that are also one Maneline.  So if a student wants to know more about a story they can head over to mainline to get more details,” said Mr. Simmons.