Covid Procedures

Covid Procedures

Korbyn Renner, Site Admin / Reporter

Concerns of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic are on the minds of students and teachers at Lansing High school. So we ask the question, what procedures are in place to protect us against this pandemic?


We asked all our principals and vice principals all about our current situation in this pandemic, Mr. McKim, our principal said, “ … Some of our procedures the directions in the hallway so the staircases at the need of the hallway are down only and learning stairs are up only, giving families the option to be remote or in person. We try to give as much space as we can in the room, we’ve tried to set up desks so there’s at least 3 ft of distance…” Vice-Principal Mr. Grey said “We have temperature checks at the main and activity entrances, we try to maintain social distancing, and we wear our masks.”


While Lansing faces growing tensions, we have to think about the effectiveness and safety of our masks, Mr. Grey said “The cloth masks that we provide are just as effective as any other cloth masks.” and Dr. VanCise said “The masks that this school has provided when worn with fidelity are sufficient and safe.”


Madison Williamson, a LHS senior, said “Based on the way our latest outbreak was handled, they (Lansing) took care of it quickly and efficiently.”


“We have a set procedure in place, when someone has obvious symptoms they are put into a quarantined room, where they will be picked up by their parents or guardians. From there on please refer to,” said Dr. VanCise