The Roar and Maneline Team Up!

The Roar and Maneline Team Up!

Korbyn Renner, Site Admin / Reporter

The Roar and Maneline team up!


The news broadcast of Lansing High school has officially started working with Maneline.A possible integration of the two sources of news media could happen.


The Roar, Lansing High School’s news broadcast program, is beginning to work with Manline in an official capacity. 


Korbyn Renner, one of two staffers on this semester’s Maneline, will be helping the Maneline sync its coverage with The Roar – on which he is also a staff member. 


This is part of a broad update and reinvention of Maneline – including a newly designed website.


The Roar and Maneline are hoping for cross promotion as The Roar’s adviser Mr. Simmons said, “We are looking forward to cross promotion, when you go to Maneline you could see The Roar and vice versa.” he continues “they (Maneline and The Roar) would act as two outlets for the same story.”


Mr. Simmons continues, “We (The Roar) have stories on maneline, parking spaces, covid restrictions (and how it affects local students), and rolling lunches.”


Mr. Buchanan, the adviser for Maneline, states that there will be upcoming stories, and for those who want to write for maneline to contact him at Mr. Buchanan will make sure that he will be an important part of both Maneline and The Roar.