Staying Healthy While Staying Home

Riley Phillips, Editor-in-Chief

With the recent outbreak on COVID-19 and stay at home orders put into place, it is very important to keep yourself and your body healthy. This does not only mean eating healthy, drinking water, and getting plenty of sleep. Keeping your body in good shape and getting plenty of exercise is key during times like this. You do not need a whole weight lifting set or a weight rack to do this either. Doing a simple workout that engagesĀ  your legs, arms, core, and keeps your endurance up can turn an everyday quarantine into a workout empire.

These workouts take about 30 minutes and will leave your body feeling great at the end. You are even able to add a few extra sprints or sets of stadium stairs to get that extra burn that your body needs to feel accomplished. By completing these workouts 4-5 times a week or even multiple times a day will have your body and mind ready for summer, also ensuring that you will not be in e mental slump while the stay at home order is still in place.

These workouts where made by the courtesy of Coach Elliott and Coach Jones.

Lansing Spring 2020 Workout Choices.pdf