Hawaii day two: Family

Emily Herzog, Staff Writer

I started my day off in the Banyon Harbor Condotel here in Lihue, Kauai at 5 a.m. My aunt, Jill, made her and I coffee and then a couple hours later we woke everyone else up and went to the coast to watch the sunrise and take pictures and throw some of Mama’a ashed into the ocean.

After that, we went to Smiths Garden to find a place for Madison and Farley’s wedding. We found the best spot where you could see a mountain, small lake with a fountain in it, and beautiful flowers everywhere (pictured above).

Then, we went to lunch with some of Jason’s family at a Chinese restaurant. The portions here are definitely worth the money! I ate some for lunch and then the rest for dinner.

Shopping happened after, I bought some necklaces and a drivers license with Mama’s name on it, Ame.  Madison found a little shell to put her and Farley’s rings in tomorrow as well.

After shopping came Lyegate Beach, where we practiced snorkeling and got used to being back in the ocean. My sister got freaked out by the fish and wouldn’t go to far out from the beach anymore after that.

We also went to another coast area with two piers. The first one we went down was made of rocks, which was difficult to climb on and very slippery sine the water was splashing everywhere. the second was made of wood and seemed like it was…still under construction. Jason told us it had looked like that since he was a kid though. Madison and Jill threw some of Mama’s ashes into the ocean there as well.

Finally we came home after getting some stuff at Walmart. We are now relaxing and getting ready for bed and our early morning tomorrow.

Current time in Hawaii: 8:20

Current time in Kansas: 12:20