Hawaii day one: On our way!!

Emily Herzog, Staff Writer

To start the day, my sister (Madison), her fiance (Farley), my aunt (Jill), uncle (Jason), and cousin (Kainoa) had to wake up at 430 a.m. Then, we let my aunts house at 515 and arrived to the MCI airport at approximately 5:45 a.m.

In the car, I started freaking out because I thought I had left my camera in Leavenworth and we didn’t have time to go back from Basehor and check. However, in a last effort to find it, i checked the very back of the car and found my camera underneath a seat that had been put down for a suitcase.

After getting checked in, we went and got…in a simple explanation…breakfast, I got Veggie Straws and a Nesquik. Unfortunately, my Nesquik was frozen so I couldn’t even drink it before we had to go thru security, making me throw it away.

We then had our security excursion. First, Farley went through and had to get patted down because the body scanner detected something on him. Then, Jason, who was wearing shorts and his ankle got pinged, however it was fairly obvious that he had nothing there . Finally, when I went through, my entire right leg was pinged so I had to get patted down as well. Madison and Jill went through without an issue.

Farley was also used for a man training to be in airport security. they scanned Mama’ s ashed since he hadn’t declared her like he should have. This took about five minutes. When we sat down we looked at our tickets and saw that departure time is 8:20 a.m. and the arrival time for Denver is 9:30-9:40 (in Lansing it would still be 8:30-8:40)

The First Flight: MCI to DEN

Taking off from the flight felt really weird. It was really cool to watch out of the window while the plane took off. My first time on a plane seems to be going well so far, despite turbulence.

I was sitting in front of Jill, who was in front of Madison, who was across the aisle from Farley. Jason and Kainoa are sitting next to ear other, two rows in front of me.

Madison had been anxious about the flights since last night. For me, it took all the way up until we were taking off to realize that we were actually flying to Hawaii today.

Jason and Farley both said that the worst part of flying was the landing. Hopefully it isnt to bad since id like to be able to take the other flight and be as calm as possible throughout this trip.

Denver (DEN)

The Denver, Colorado airport was huge! I passed 3 or 4 shoe shining booths and “gift shop” booths before getting to the gate.

We had a two hour layout in Denver, so there was a lot of time to relax and eat. my sister and I got pretzel dogs. It was…interesting to say the least.

After that, we all hung out and talked and were on our phones texting or on Facebook or something like that. Denver was also a bit hotter than MCI so I had to change from my sweats into some athletic shorts.

Boarding was about the same as last time.

The Second Flight: DEN to LIH

The second flight from Denver, Colorado (DEN) to Lihue, Kauai (LIH) was 8 hours. We had these screens on the seats and we could watch movies, shows, and play games.

I watched Frozen 2, and The Office. I played majong and other games I cant remember the names of.

Madison and Farley fell asleep, however I was unable to do so. I have been up since 4:30 a.m. on March 4th. In Kansas right now I believe it is 2 a.m. if not 2:30 a.m.

When we got to Lihue, we met up with Jason’s mom, rented our van for the week, and then we kind of ran around and saw a few things like a small waterfall, and went to the beach for about 5 minutes. Then went and got the best Burger King ever came home, ate, showered, and when everyone went to bed, I sat down and started working on this.

More adventures from Lihue, Kauai coming soon!!