LHS Students’ thoughts on the Democratic Primaries

Brett Zimmerman, Staff Writer

After hearing from four states and from the candidates in one of the most knock-down drag-out debates of the campaign so far, the race for the Democratic nomination for the president is heating up.


Bernie Sanders has emerged as the front runner, winning handedly in New Hampshire and Nevada. However, with a dominant showing in South Carolina, many are predicting a two person race between the progressive Senator Sanders and the moderate Former Vice President Joe Biden. This proposition was further supported over the weekend with the dropping out of Tom Steyer and Pete Buttegieg.


While the first four contests have set the stage, the 14 states, and American Samoa, that vote on Super Tuesday will do much to clarify the direction of the race. 


Nonetheless, given the recent events, we decided to ask some of the students at LHS about their thoughts on the race and the prospects of the 2020 presidential election.


Some students, like Freshmen Lucas Daniels, think that a Bernie nomination would sink the democrats chances at the White House “I think a lot of democratic voters aren’t going to vote for Bernie because of how radical he seems” said Daniels when asked who he would like to face Trump. “If Klobuchar or Biden were to get more support, they would be the worst for Trump.”


Others see 2020 as an opportunity for the Democrats to show they are united in their support of whoever gets the nomination. Senior Will Snodgrass recited the mantra, “No matter who, vote blue. Most of the democratic nominees; (Elizabeth) Warren, Bernie (Sanders), Pete (Buttegieg), all have my support.” 


And some of the students at Lansing High, like Junior Aaron Brown, see a multicultural political movement being formed behind Senator Sanders, “I wasn’t expecting him to win as hard as he did in Nevada. I don’t think the moderates have someone to rally behind.” 


The Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee is set to take place in July. A lot will change between now and then; the voters will have spoken and the delegates will be divvied out. 


Regardless of the Lion you agree with the most, make sure to register to vote if you will be of age by election time!


You can learn more about registering to vote at the Kansas Secretary of State’s Website.