Lansing wrestling defeats rival Leavenworth

Emma Robinson, Staff Writer

Varsity wrestling competed on Thursday, February 6th at Leavenworth High School, winning 58-18. 

This meet was a very exciting one because it took place at one of Lansing’s biggest rivals on the mat, Leavenworth.  

Lansing had 68 match points compared to Leavenworth’s 30. Several wrestlers helped put points on the board by winning their match against their opponent.

Isaiah Kruse, Tucker Beiber, Tristen Givens, Hartwell Taylor, Jack Knutson, Lane Gates, Andrew Shields, Tyler Robinson and Kobi Lawerence all aided the team in putting up 6 points on the board. 

 Hartwell Taylor, a senior, stated, “This meet went especially well for me. I knew what I had to do and got it done. “ 

Taylor added, “ Wrestling is a difficult sport to understand. There are so many techniques and things you are constantly learning. Being on the Lansing wrestling team is worth it in the end. You grow into a well rounded athlete which is exactly what I wanted before I graduated.” 

Taylor is not going to do anything different for the next upcoming meet but is still going to persevere and get the job done to help the team be successful.