Lansing Students Prepare for Winter Royalty

Emma Robinson, Staff Writer

Lansing High School’s Winter Royalty dance will take place on Saturday, February 1st from 8-11 pm in the Commons Area.

Per tradition, two candidates will be selected from each grade to be crowned Royalty King and Queen. Candidates are as follows: 


Freshman Court– Mason Ward, Zoe Chandler

Sophomore Court– Kolten Brown, Reece Baxer

Junior Court– Stephen Kautt, Kendra Schiender

Senior Court– Tyler Akin, Joshua Twitchell, Francis Sheehan, Ian Tippitt, Mackenzie Lillich, Heather Ober, Jill Carlson, and Melody Brooks


Kendra Schneider, Junior, who was voted onto court, gave her thoughts about winning. 

“I will be very happy and excited if I do end up winning. Not a lot of people ran for court in my grade so we will see how everything turns out.” says Schneider. 

Later she states “My favorite part of the dances is making memories with all my friends. I also love the anticipation that is in the room because everyone is on edge about who is going to win.” 

Students at Lansing also have a spirit week to get students involved the week before Royalty. Each day has its own theme. Pajama day, jersey day, wacky Wednesday, throwback Thursday, and on Friday, each class wears a certain color.

Sophomore class President, Kushi Patell states, “Several ideas are brought up and there is always debate about themes, decorations, music, and more. We have to find common ground and stick to the plan to be successful.”

The theme for this year’s dance is On Cloud Nine