Emily Herzog, Staff Writer

The Forensics team hosted the first tournament of the new season at Lansing High School on January 17th.

Forensics is a competitive speech, acting, and textual interpretation class and club. They are competing in 14 tournaments this year, however they max out at 8 tournaments total and each student has their own separate goal for the year.

Forensics Coach Larissa Maranell, who has been the head coach of the team since the beginning of this year, says “Preparing poetry pieces with students is one of my favorite things to do, to create a story line out of things that are kind of abstract.”

Forensics Senior Kate Bircher, 18, tells that, “Every year [Forensics] has new leadership, we have kids that lead the tournaments and we do a really good job at incorporating our novices and making sure they understand how a tournament runs smoothly so that when their time comes they can lead the tournaments.”

Bixby High School from Oklahoma got third place, Free State High School of Lawrence, Kansas had second place, and Olathe Northwest High School was in first place.