HoCo History

Ansley Warnock, Journalist

Lansing, Ks—Lansing’s homecoming game is tonight at 7, with the dance on Saturday. The homecoming extravaganza (which included food vendors and games) was Thursday.

However, the history behind the event is becoming obsolete. The details behind the switch to a dance when high school adopted the tradition are often lost amongst students, and tradition is just accepted as a fact of life, especially in the midwest. 

Originally, universities hosting homecoming events did so with the hopes of drawing alumni back for a reunion, often to increase donations. Yet, as the number of kids going to and staying in high school increased following the industrial revolution, it was important that schools were able to unify their students. 

And thus, to replace the alumni events commonly found pre modernization, schools adopted homecoming dances to coincide with the “big game” and other events, such as the parade here at Lansing.

For Mr. Buchanan, who graduated from LHS in 2008, “homecoming is a much bigger deal now. The festivities are fundamentally the same, but this was the first time that I got to see the street fair and, even as an adult, it was a lot of fun”

This year, tensions are high in anticipation of the Leavenworth v. Lansing football match, and from the looks of the spirit week participation, the high school adaptation of homecoming remains effective.