When Red meets Purple

Band attends second marching festival of the season

Lucas Daniels, Staff

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The Lansing Marching Lion compete in their second competition of the year at K-State and leaving with a two rating and minor improvements to be made. 

The band played a mix of three songs in their performance: We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Don’t Stop Me Now. 

Senior Drum Major, Sarah Wilson said, “I think we did okay, but there are a few minor things we need to work on and improve.” She mentioned, for example, marching fundamentals and musicality.

Director of Bands, Mr. Edwards said, “Our biggest challenge is marching and making sure our sets lock in at the same time. (Going forward, we will be) essentially learning from K-State, improving on where we need to improve, and taking judges feedback and applying it to future performances.”

The event was cut short for the band because of weather conditions and safety concerns, so they were not able to watch other bands or the K-State marching performance after the awards ceremony.

Many students were disappointed in getting a two rating at K-State, as they believe they can do better, and because Lansing has a history of getting ones. A two rating is still excellent, however, and while work can still be done on their performance, it was a good showing.