Ready, Set, Debate!

Lansing hosts first home debate tournament

Austin Davis, Staff

Last Tuesday, Lansing hosted the first home novice debate tournament, with a team breaking into the top 5.

The tournament was a first for nearly all of the debaters who attended as the group waiting room was full of preparation, nervousness, and tension.

At the end of the tournament 7 teams went 3-0. Out of those 7 teams, one was Lansing, ranking 4th overall.

Freshmen novice Lucas Daniels and Austin Davis went 3-0 and broke in the top 5. “Personally, I doubt that us getting 4th matters very much because a lot of teams went 3-0. However, we are on par with or are even better than the number 1 ranked team,” said Daniels. He also stated that he had a lot of things to work on, such as: the formulation of his speeches, answering questions, and flowing (a form of note taking).

Debate coach, Ms. Marenell, has high expectations for this novice group stating, “I think novices are really talented this year due to the extra experience they gained from the novice camp we did this summer, but we are definitely capable of having a full novice state team this year and some teams may move up to JV.”