What’s Next?

Debate attends first tournament of the year

Lucas Daniels and Austin Davis, Staff

The Lansing Debate Team successfully completes their first debate tournament of the year at Washburn Rural High School and leave with mostly positive results and things to improve on.

The novice teams debated 5 rounds, and the varsity teams debated 6 rounds. The varsity rounds determined whether or not they would break into the final tournament. The two teams that broke were Brett Zimmerman and Marcus Woodcock, and Madelyn Atkins and Amber Dawson.

On the first day of the tournament, technical and open debate kids debated, and the novices watched and flowed the debates. They debated three the first day and three the second day.

On the second day, the novices were thrown into the mix. They debated all five of their rounds. There was one novice who medaled at the end of the tournament, and that was Nikki Svedarski. She was awarded a speaker medal, and had a record of 4-1 along with her partner Wyatt Brown. 

Most of the novices were nervous to start the debate, but ended up losing those nerves as soon as the rounds started. “(We did) amazing. I was preparing my speech well, which I was previously worried about,” said Sophomore novice Jackson Jones. 

As for the open debate students, there was room for improvement. “I feel like my partner and I did rather well, but I know I can work on punctuating my sentences,” said Ansley Wardock.