DECA Starts Season

Ansley Warnock, Journalist


Lansing, Ks——Last weekend, DECA competed in their first competition of the season at Johnson County Community College.


And, while they may have not lived up to their own expectations, it’s clear that the competition was a learning experience in and of itself. Students were able to get a feel for how competitions will be modeled in the future as well as gaining an understanding of how to apply the skills they’re learning at Lansing to the real world.


As Mr. Myers put it, “they’re learning how to apply business skills to their school and social lives.” Thus, the students carry on, excited to learn more.


At LHS, DECA students learn the fundamentals of customer service, which many consider a lost art. At competitions, students are presented with a scenario in a room of judges, given time to prep, then act out the scenario based off of the factors specific to it. Molly Romano has gained “communication skills and (knowledge) of how to present yourself in a respectable and knowledgeable way.”


To say that these students improve their skills is an understatement. The ability to speak professionally and confidently is in higher demand than ever as the field with which people can communicate is growing. 


However, it’s reasonable to question just how many students this program is affecting. While few students go on to work in this field, the skills it leaves with them last forever.


For those interested in entrepreneurship specifically, Mr Myers also teaches a course on business itself. These students learn “how to handle money and learn finances, both personal and business wise” says Sydney Dupplesis. One could almost say it encompasses a wealth of lessons that transfer over to life. 


The next DECA competition is in November; the entrepreneurship competition season starts next semester.