Lansing Invitational Were You Invited?

Anaiyla Patterson, Staff

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The Lansing Invitational, Volleyballs home opener, took place Saturday night.

Girls Varsity Volleyball finished third this weekend in their volleyball invitational. After getting the feel of playing together as a team, it can be seen that they are finally getting comfortable playing as a unit. “I think we did pretty good, but there are still improvements to work on, especially when it comes to Spring Hill, they’re a very scrappy team and we kind of lead up when we won two games in the beginning.” Sophomore Iyannah Jackson stated.

The girls did not play awful, but there are always improvements to be made. One thing that the girls did very well was demonstrating good sportsmanship. “I think after we lost to Spring HIll, our teamwork started to increase compared to earlier in the day, and I think we started to connect with each other as a unit. No we’ve learned our lesson and we’re prepared to play for Tuesday’s game against Basehor.” Senior Mckenzie Weaver said.

The team is hoping to end the season with a good result. “We definitely need to work on our defense, but once we get that together then we’ll compete well at the state tournament.” Samantha Moburg reported.

Volleyball will continue their season next Tuesday at home against Desoto.