Getting Groovy for Mini Cheer

Mackenzie Lillich, Staff

Lansing Cheerleaders and Lionettes are holding their annual Mini Cheer performance before the home football game this Friday. All the young, elementary school girls are beaming with excitement for the upcoming two days of practice as well as performance day with their assigned cheerleader or lionette. 


Sophomore Varsity Cheerleader, Eva Collene mentioned, “I’m most excited to hangout with all the little girls and develop bonds within the time we spend with them this week up until Friday’s game.”


Mini Cheer isn’t all about cheering and dancing however, the high school girls also incorporate fun games to go along with learning. 


Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Elke Dedeke stated, “I’m excited for the games we play with the little girls such as little sally walker and ships and sailors because it’s fun for both the kids and us!”


The Mini Cheer performance will take place this Friday before the Varsity football game. Come out and support your Lansing football and Mini Cheer as well dress groovy for 70s!