Lansing Takes on Washburn and Aquinas

Iyannah Jackson, Staff

Today Varsity girl volleyball will go against their biggest rival St Thomas Aquinas, after taking on two weeks prior in the Slam, this will be an opportunity to prove themselves, and showing redemption, hopefully they will come home with a win, they also go up against Washburn ranked 21st in the state.

Senior, Samantha Moburg stated, “I think that we really need to improve our blocking and serve receive. In the Slam, we struggled a lot with passing, and we needed to have good passes, in order to run our fast offense. Also we weren’t able to get a solid block up on Aquinas’s outside hitters, and that caused us to lose a lot of points. So I definitely think that we need to change our consistency with blocking and serve receive.” 

Many improvements are needed to win against not only Aquinas but also Washburn, even though Lansing hasn’t play Washburn yet they know they have to put up a big fight. Not only does Samantha Moburg notice that change is needed but the whole Varsity team thinks the same.

“Yes, we are all physically prepared to play Aquinas again. We have been preparing in practice by doing workouts and circuits. As a team we have been working to hit around Aquinas’s block,” stated Senior Amelia Van Der Werff. Van Der Werff knows that Lansing Varsity Volleyball is ready to buy up a fight in tonight’s game.