New Club Creates Crafts

Allison Muzzy, Staff

Craft Club becomes an official club focusing on the sharing and teaching of crafts, although not without challenges. 

 “The process of making Craft Club was difficult in the fact that we basically had to start from scratch,” says President of Craft Club, Hanaa Everett. 

Attracting people to the club seemed to be the hardest part of the creation of Craft Club. Last year the club only had about four regularly attending members. This year, the numbers are even lower, with the last two meetings in a row only having the cabinet members and sponsors attending. “We are also working on making Craft Club more accessible.” Everett continues. 

Getting materials, providing an accessible meeting time, and attracting attention and attendance to the club are all focuses of Craft Club Cabinet Members, President Hanaa Everett, Vice President/Public Relations coordinator, Allison Muzzy, and Secretary, Hadley Poeppel. The three students have worked hard since last year organizing the club and gathering materials. They all have a common purpose of sharing their love and knowledge of crafting with all. 

The sponsors, Mrs. Platt, Mrs. Kelm, and Madam Clyde, believe in this idea as well. “I enjoy doing crafts and I like sharing crafts with others and encouraging them to do crafts,” said Platt. 

The types of crafts the club focuses on are sewing, crocheting, knitting, calligraphy, and card-making. The club also goes by the name of Lion Love and often participates in charity organizations.

The club meets on Tuesdays 3:15-4:00pm in Room 1106, which is right next to the art room in the basement. 

If interested, show up on the explicated day and time, or talk to one of the people mentioned above.