And The Results Are In

Austin Davis, Staff

Tha Lansing High School football teams started their season last week with mixed results. The Freshman team started the week on a sour note on Monday by losing 48-14 at Blue Valley Southwest. While the game was close at halftime, the Freshman allowed 28 unanswered points during the second half. FreshmanAustin head coach, George Shannon, said “…Freshman looked okay in the first half of the game but not the second, however, I’m excited that all 29 guys come with a ton of potential and I enjoy watching them develop as they work hard.” “As a whole we did bad,” stated the Freshman running back, Marcellus Smith, “Our secondary, d- line, and o-line all struggled, and needs major improvement.” Marcellus explained how he wished that the Z-back got more carries, and how he wished that he could have done better on defense, when he stated, “I wasn’t doing awful, but I am having trouble getting past the Juniors we were going against.” Last Friday Lansing’s varsity football team defeated Blue Valley Southwest 34-27 at home, Varsity had a shootout for the first half, with the score being 13-13, however they picked it up and won 34-27. Starting Varsity QB, Luke Schneider, in his words said, “ That game was amazing.” Luke contributed to the victory by putting up 50 passing yards and had over 150 rushing yards, with his goal being to get a scholarship to a D1 or D2. Coach Shannon, added his thoughts about the Varsity game, “The Varsity team looked very impressive, they have a great senior group, and team has good potential, and it is definitely a year worth looking forward to.” Week 1 is over, and teams are already getting ready for their next games. The Freshman’s next game is September 16 on Monday at home against Bashor, and Varsity’s next game is this coming Friday at Bashor. So go support you Lansing Lions.