Women’s Ensemble Throws Surprise Birthday Party

Aaliyah Carlos

Last week, Lansing’s women’s choir worked together to surprise choir Director, Mr. White, with a gift and a surprise party during Thursday’s late start. It was all made possible by the organization and planning of choir rep Ellie Johnson, along with help from the whole class.

Students expressed how thankful they were for Mr. White’s efforts and how he has been improving the choir’s bond since starting at Lansing. Paige Miller, a Junior, said, “I think it was less of a ‘happy birthday’ and more of a ‘thank you’. We started off this year stronger than ever, and we have Mr. White to thank for that.” Sophomore Nancy Rhoads adds, “He’s very kind. He seems to always be there for us and he’s created a better environment. It’s nice to show that everyone cares about what he does for us.”

Sophomore Ellie Johnson said, “It was shocking, in a good way, how many people contributed their ideas and actually went along with me. The amount of participation I got was really amazing.” Every student contributed at least three dollars in order to purchase the gift: a framed photo of Mr. White conducting their choir with everyone’s signatures surrounding it. All of the food, party hats, party blowers, and a video with everyone wishing him a happy birthday was provided by the class.

“This is my fourth year in choir and we’ve never thrown a party in class on our own. We’ve never come together like that before,” Shianne White, a Senior, said. “When Mr White came here, we were not close at all. Ever since we started doing activities like this together, we’ve become closer and more of a family.”

Photos of the surprise party were posted Lansing’s official Twitter account. Pictures can be viewed @LansingChoir, along with announcements about upcoming concerts and contests.