E-Sports at LHS are Taking Roots

Phillip Sheehan

Lansing high school has offered a number of sports for students in the past, but a new sport has been recently added to the roster, video gaming. 


     The e-sports program at LHS was started last year and is sponsored by Mrs. Bone. According to her, “E-sports is kind of like a sport but it’s sitting down playing video games” the program is not registered at LHS as an official club as of yet, but is part of the high school e-sports league. 


     Mrs. Bone has hopes to get the group officially recognized by the school, stating that “This year I’m planning on taking it to the board and making it an official school club.”


       One of the founding members of the LHS team, Junior Steven Kautt, is glad to have a e-sports team at Lansing, “I think that it’s a good way for people who aren’t athletic to still get the competition they desire, it’s also a good way for them to have fun.” 


     Steven said that he helped start up the e-sport program because “We realized that a lot of people liked to play video games. It was a good way for us to group together, and also get opportunities for scholarships to make some money.”


      Mrs. Bone wants students to know that the program could lead to scholarships, While this might not seem as competitive or interesting as more physical sports, over thirty colleges in the United States are offering scholarships for e-sports, including Robert Morris University, the University of California-Irvine, and the University of Utah. “Colleges are now getting on board with it, we’re trying to get it to where we’re more competitive among the high schools that do it.” Said Bone. 


      A large number of platforms are available for competitive play, the program allows players on PC, Xbox1, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and some mobile games. Students can play almost any game they want competitively, including Madden, Fortnite, CSgo, and even Minecraft.


      Competitive gaming works within the group by connecting through the high school e-sports league website. Students are then connected to other schools for games and practice. The main benefit of this is that students can connect from their home WiFi if they are unable to attend a club meeting. 


     One of the new members of the club, Junior Colin Wilson, shared his opinion “It’s fun. I got involved during the smash [super smash brothers] tournament last year and everyone their seems pretty nice.” Colin plays Super Smash Brothers Ultimate as his game of choice in the program.


     There is a meeting for the group after school this Thursday until 4:00 in room 2414. Mrs. Bone will be there to help new members sign up.