In An Uproar

Choir sings their way towards their first concert

Briana Seifert, Staff

Choir practices and prepares throughout 2nd and 5th hour for their fall concert held in October.

Students get familiar with Director, Mr. Whites’s classroom routine as a range of different songs have been selected for the concert. “When the class starts, we warm up, joke around and loosen a bit, then start singing and really nail the songs.” said Senior Megan Darley, “There are no weaklings… everyone is growing very quickly compared to last year.” 

The estimated 180 students apart of choir are broken up into five groups including, Mixed Chorus, Women’s Ensemble, Mixed Ensemble, Concert Choir, and Sound FX.  

 “Sound the Trumpet and Count the Stars are some of the songs we are doing and they are very powerful.” said Sophomore, Concert Choir member, Sophia Leon, “I am looking forward to the performance… the choir just has a phenomenal sound.”