Freshman Steal the Spirit Stick

Lucas Daniels

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Last Friday’s pep rally had multiple activities, but the most prominent was that the Freshmen won the spirit stick. Events included in the pep rally were the band showcasing their upcoming performance in that night’s football game, and a field goal kicking competition.

They proved that they could be loud too after a disappointing showing at the first pep rally, when the seniors won.

The seniors weren’t happy about the freshmen winning the stick over them, claiming that the whole competition may have been rigged in the freshmen’s favor.

Senior Luke Usera, said, “The freshmen shouldn’t have won because there were no judges, and it was decided that they had won right after the cheering was done, which was suspicious.”

Freshman Mason Ward, had something else to say, however. “No, the competition wasn’t rigged. I think it was fair, and that we were just louder and gave more enthusiasm than the others.”

The pep rally was a great way to get students excited for the football game that night, and it paid off as the students section was filled.

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