Skincare Secrets

Sophia Richards

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Why do we need skincare? Why is skin care so important? We all need to know the tricks, tips, and secrets to our skin looking at its best. 

Everyone has different skin, whether it be oily, dry, or a combination of both. No one’s skin is perfect, but we all strive to have clear, glowing skin. 

Skincare is very important because our skin is the largest shield against infection that we have. “I think skin care is important because it keeps your skin healthy and clean,” stated Megan Boettcher.

 Keeping a daily regimen of washing our faces everyday helps keep that barrier from getting weak and keeping it strong and healthy. 

When the skin dries out or gets irritated by harsh products, cracks in the skin start to form. Cracks in skin are an open wound and prone to infection. 

When washing your skin, you should avoid using products with overpowering scents and perfumes. Moisturizers or soaps should also be gentle and used daily. 

Everyone has different their own thoughts on skincare.“ I really like the apricot face scrub. I think it’s by Clean & Clear but it’s super good and help cleared my skin.” said Emily Piburn.

There are also people who don’t do much to their skin but still want to keep it clean. “I don’t really have a skincare routine. I basically just use face soap and water and that pretty much does the job.” said Jacob Bull. 

The ultimate goal is to have clear skin. Taking care of your skin and creating a skin care routine is important because it can help your largest organ do its job better and last longer.

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