Spiderman Broken Home

David Davis

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On August 21 Sony and Disney had a disagreement on a contract leaving several people without jobs. 

     Disney wanted fifty percent of the revenue for Spider-Man. Sony said no and wanted to keep the 2015 agreement; which Disney rejected

     62% of Lansing students polled were not aware of the ongoing conflict. While the rest of 38% only had a tiny bit of info on it. Respondents aware of the issue said Sony was wrong initially; changing their response when they heard more details.

     Eva Collene said, “Disney already keeping the profits for the merchandise and then asking for fifty percent of Spider man would be unfair because they’ll get half of the profit for spider man and keep the merchandise”.

      Jake said he knew a little about it since of social media, and when he saw it he thought that Sony was wrong in didn’t have the right to just pull Spiderman out of nowhere; until learning the details. Jake talked about how everyone who was apart of the Spiderman cast may not be able to make an appearance in the Marvel cinematic universe.

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