A new round of drum majors is picked for 2019

Katie Zule, Staff

Three new senior drum majors are selected to lead band camp and the 2019 season for their new show Bohemian Rhapsody: The Music of Queen. 

Harrison Kurz was chosen to be head drum major to conduct this years marching show. He believes that the band has drastically increased since his freshman year and that the leadership team works very well together and will do great things. “I really love band, music, and the music we play in band,” said Kurz when asked about why being a drum major was important to him, “I also wanted to invest more of my time into it.” 

The other two drum majors, Anne Strukel and Sarah Wilson, were also present during the summer camp, working hard and fighting for the head drum major spot. 

Although Harrison earned the title of head drum major, Anne and Sarah will alternate the head position when conducting drum cheers and stand tunes. “I was obviously bummed when I heard the news but I was equally as excited and happy for Harrison,” said Wilson, “Senior season will definitely become my favorite!”